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We are
Green Cat
and we create
unique designs

We are Green Cat

Back in 2013, Green Cat consisted of just two people and a coffee machine. Anna Sada and Dominik Dulik shared a love for design and cats. And coffee. They had experience, ideas, they had dreams; wouldn’t it be great to establish a creative agency, that would approach things in a different way? Dominik and Anna decided to go for it, and today Green Cat is a company that bursts with energy, with many passionate designers and account managers.


The Green Cat team consists of wildly different people, from solid strategists and brilliant visionaries to mad-dog designers with refreshing ideas. These personalities counter-balance each other in a perfect way, and make up a highly successful team. They permanently interact, inspire each other, evolve.

We are Green Cat
We are Green Cat We are Green Cat

When it comes to our projects, we care about each single detail. Whether it is a packaging design, a leaflet or a nationwide advertising campaign. We are there for you during the whole creative process. From the first sparks, brainstorms, through market research, all the way up to the printing house. We will find you a prolific solution for any creative challenge you feed us.
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