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Day/Night Beer

Beer is a definitely masculine product, and when targeted at women, tend to be flavored with sweet varieties. Day/Night Mood is a craft beer from a limited edition intended mainly for female consumers. The bottle, design and character of the brand is completely different and unusual on the Polish market, making it stand out from the competition. The outdoor campaign started with a "teaser" with the main graphic element - a butterfly. Illustration shown together with intriguing headline "it's not a butterfly" - certainly attracts attention. The second wave of the outdoor advertisement focused on black and white bottles with the caption "It's not beer" emphasizing its unique character and a smaller overprint saying that the product shown is beer after all, but so distinctive that it cannot be called simply beer.

Bro Brewery
outdoor beer day/night campaign
minimalism, teaser campaign
Day/Night Beer Day/Night Beer


day-night, mystery, feminine, premium, new quality

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